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Losing your loved ones can be a terrible experience. I understand that when I lost my father.

Being a person who is not so articulative, I find it hard to create a good Eulogy. I remember spending almost the whole afternoon cracking my head to write one. You see, making a Eulogy speech is another form of public speaking and most people are not very good in speaking in front of a crowd, even more so when it is a speech for my love ones.

I have to seek help from my friends and relatives and I'm glad that they can help. In addition, the Internet also offers some good Eulogy examples so that I can create one that is truly from my heart.

To me, one of the best ways to present an Eulogy is to use a poem. It's simple, straight to the point and it's easier for most of us. This is especially useful for people like us who are not good with speeches. The Internet contains a lot of useful Eulogy examples that you can use and they are usually in the form of a poem, a song or even a story.

Here are some of my recommended poems, after doing some researches online. I hope that you will find them useful:

  1. Do not stand at my grave and weep
  2. Farewell
  3. She, At His Funeral
  4. I Am Always With You
  5. The Funeral Rites of the Rose

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